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Prevent the negative results of physical and mental stresses on your body. The in-house massage therapist at Steubenville Chiropractic & Rehabilitation specializes in an array of techniques to alleviate muscular and joint pains that are causing you discomfort.

Depending on the severity and source of your discomfort, you will require a different form of massage. We are well trained in all aspects of massage to ensure proper care and treatment.


We also offer muscular treatment for:


-Muscle strains and sprains

-Frozen shoulders

-Shin splints

-Rotator cuff pain

Get the right massage

-Deep tissue



-Chronic pain


-Stress relief



Call us today for current rates per length of session. Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome.

Massage types available

Your personal massage therapy needs are unique to you, and we will tailor treatment to meeting your needs of relaxation and pain relief. We'll have you leaving relaxed and ready to resume an optimal activity level.

We'll manually pinpoint your pain and work it out of your body

Turn to a holistic

approach to



Relaxation Massage muscle