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Many doctors will offer you pain relief for tendons and joints in the form of pain relievers and other temporary fixes. At Steubenville Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we diagnose the problem's source and create a plan to remedy it.


Let Dr. Ross and the team find you the tendon, joint, and back relief you need to live a better lifestyle. We offer a holistic approach to care, using a variety of effective stretches, movements, and massage to help relieve you from pain.


As you age your body's muscles, joints, and spine tend to show the effects of many years of physical and mental stress. Having a chiropractor you can count on is invaluable.

Don't endure your pain

-Work injuries

-Sports injuries


-Achilles tendon injuries

-Back pain

-Neck and shoulder pain

-Tennis elbow



Get more than just symptomatic relief. Call us today to learn about treatment plans.

Get the remedy for...

Your ability to function with your full level of strength and comfort is crucial to you living out your daily lifestyle activities and being able to work. Count on us to help you regain your ability for top mobility.

Committed to restoring your optimal health


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